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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Brave New Pacifica"
TV episode
Written by: Carol Flint
Directed by: Joe Napolitano


The Eden Advance group discovers a planetary transportation portal that may lead them directly to New Pacifica.


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Didja Know?


The title of this episode was likely inspired by either the 1931 science-fiction novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, or the line from Shakespeare's play The Tempest which was the inspiration for the title of the novel:

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't.


Unlike most episodes of the series, this one does not have an opening and closing narration by one of the characters, nor is it stated how many days the group's been on the planet.


Didja Notice?


At about 1:22 on the DVD, a ring of red stain is seen at the bottom of the canister the Grendler is looking into, a quick hint as to the previous contents of the canister before it is revealed on the side of the case just seconds later.


The side of the metal case in the Grendlers' possession reveals it is from the supplies of the Eden Project and is labeled as HUMAN BLOOD. It seems unlikely it would be labeled with the "human" qualifier though since no other intelligent species has joined humanity before G889. Even though the Eden Advance supply pods did have some artificial placental sacks of domestic animals as well, such as the horse grown in "Life Lessons", blood transfusions are not normally conducted on animals, so it is unlikely that the Eden Project would go to the trouble of packing animal blood which would need to be distinguished from human. The label is really on the crate just to clarify for the viewing audience what the Grendlers have become addicted to.


The human blood-drinking by the Grendlers was first seen in "Life Lessons" when Gaal provided a couple of Grendlers with samples of his own blood as a reward for service.


The live spiders used in this episode look as if they may be wolf spiders, though the spider that climbs into the Grendler's clothes at 5:42 on the DVD does not appear to be the same one who later bites the creature at 6:59.
Spider at 5:42 Spider at 6:59


At 7:28 on the DVD, the Grendler looks at a photo badge of Dr. Heller, though she looks quite different from her current appearance! Notice also here that the Grendler's hand is obviously a human one with make-up applied; fingerprints are visible on the index finger.


Notice that there's a spider on the Eden water pouch Danziger picks up at 13:16 on DVD. He shakes it off without ever realizing it was there!


The water pouch Julia spots in the Grendler cave at 20:29 on the DVD has a truncated version of the logo of the exiled biological research group (as first seen in "Moon Cross") on it, indicating it was not from one of the Eden cargo pods.


Julia tricks the Grendler into getting bit by one of the spiders by taking the sea water-filled vial and dumping a spider into it when he can't see it before giving it back to him to drink. She's lucky the spider didn't drown first! Besides that, when the Grendler upends the vial into its mouth, no water comes out, just the spider!


When the tunnel transports Devon, Alonzo, and Danziger to a beach, Devon assumes it is the Sea of Antius, where the colony of New Pacifica is to be founded. The Sea of Antius is mentioned in the novelization of the "First Contact" pilot episode and is seen on the map on the back cover of the book, depicted as an inland sea.


Devon doesn't seem to put 2 and 2 together and realize that Danziger punched Alonzo because he was jealous over the younger man's sudden attraction to her.


At 41:42 on the DVD, considering all the negative spiders that were in the cave, it seems unlikely that the "love spider" would be one of the ones that just happened to climb onto the Grendler and bite him. Plus, why do the spiders keep biting for no apparent reason? Normally spiders only bite prey or if they feel threatened. In this case particularly, the Grendler was just sitting there.


From the sounds in the cave tunnel, the "transport system" starts up again slightly before Alonzo has even scooped up the "love spider" into the metal vial. If the force field of the transport system is being upset by the love spider's presence in the negative spiders' space, why would it start up while it was still exposed?


When the sound of the "transport system" starts up again, Danziger says, "I hear a train comin'." Spending his life on the stations, would he even be familiar with the sound of a train? 


At the end of the episode, Alonzo shakes the errant spider out of the phial in which it was held into his hand before pushing it back onto its proper web. But shouldn't he be afraid of it biting him again? The spiders seemed to be easily provoked into doing so previously!


Memorable Dialog


our best shot to get to New Pacifica.wav

closer than we thought.wav

this planet is a living organism.wav

a slow boat to New Pacifica.wav

you're the only loner in this group.wav

are you flirting with me?.wav

I hate to admit.wav

stay right here, lover boy.wav

a spider that wants to meet you.wav

it won't be so bad getting there.wav

it's hard to imagine.wav 


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