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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Moon Cross"
TV episode
Written by: Carol Flint
Directed by: Sandy Smolan


As winter arrives on the planet, Uly is led to an abandoned human base camp.


Read the full summary of "Moon Cross" at the Making of Timelines Yahoo Group


Didja Notice?


This episode is narrated by Alonzo. He remarks that it is day 61 on the planet.


No wonder Uly is so cold as his mother wakes him in the morning. At 3:04 on the DVD, a flap in the tent can be seen hanging slightly open right next to his bed. The door flap is on almost the opposite side of the tent from him, so why is there another one next to him?


A nice bit of unspoken continuity appears in this episode. Notice that Danziger's pant leg has a new patch on it in the location where he was shot by the Z.E.D. in the previous episode ("Redemption").


At 6:10 on the DVD, there appears to be a jet contrail in the sky.


The growth markings on the metal support beam in the greenhouse suggest Mary's growth as a little girl. The initials say "ML". We never learn what the "L" stands for.


Mary is given the same (or similar) jacket that True used briefly in "First Contact" Part 1, with a ship's name of Roanoke on it.


It's amusing that when Mary tells the ladies that Alonzo showed her "touching", even little True shares a look with the rest, like "there's our lady-killer again."


Yale tells Devon that there was a group of radical biologists on the stations who were outlawed for proposing to establish domes, like the one they've found here on G889, for preserving botanical species from Earth. But why would preserving plants from the dying Earth be outlawed? Wouldn't that be a good thing? In the later "Grendlers in the Myst", it's implied they were arrested for unauthorized intrusions into the red zones of Earth, but exactly what the red zones are is not explained.


Mary teaches Uly to fire lightning from her Terrian staff in this episode. Uly also trills like Mary later in the episode, showing how he's growing closer to the aliens.


As the Moon Cross ends, Uly does not seem to remember how he helped the outcast Terrians be forgiven by their tribe. Alonzo's monologue near the end of the episode seems to suggest that Uly will be transformed in such a way again at the next Moon Cross.


Notice at the end of the episode that the group brings a Terrian staff back with them. It must be the one Mary gave to Uly and he, apparently, gets to keep it. 


Memorable Dialog


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