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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's home for studies of the TV episodes and novels of Earth 2. I have presented my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the science described, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs, and my own musings, in my estimation of the chronological order each story takes place.

"First Contact"
Part 1
"First Contact"
Part 2
"The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)" "Life Lessons" "Promises, Promises"
Episode 1a Episode 1b Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
Billionaire Devon Adair defies government warnings and puts together a group of families willing to travel 22 light-years away from the space stations orbiting the polluted Earth to a new home on the first fully-habitable frontier world of G889. The Eden Advance team finds that G889 is not as uninhabited as they'd hoped. The Eden Advance team encounters a man stranded on G889 claiming to be an astronaut from a past scouting mission. Gaal takes advantage of True's youth and disenchantment with her situation to manipulate her friendship and further his evil plans for the group. Uly's improving health takes a turn for the worse when the Terrians attempt to get a message across to the humans.
"A Memory Play" Leather Wings "Natural Born Grendlers" "Water" Puzzle
Episode 5 Novel Episode 6 Episode 7 Novel
The colonists discover the final evacuation pod, with most of the occupants dead. Eden Advance's trek across the continent is brought to a halt by an immense canyon hundreds of miles long. How can they possibly cross it to reach New Pacifica before the colony ship arrives? At the group's latest camp site, Bess becomes a successful trader with the local Grendler; Alonzo is depressed about his condition and being trapped on the planet. The colonists run low on water when Grendlers steal the reserves. The Eden Advance' group discovers an ancient subterranean city.
"Church of Morgan" "The Enemy Within" "Redemption" "Moon Cross" "Better Living Through Morganite"
Part 1
Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12
Stress tears at Bess and Morgan's marriage; Uly manifests Terrian abilities. Julia injects herself with Uly's altered DNA in order to spare him from the Council. Racked by guilt, Alonzo goes back to where the group abandoned Julia; meanwhile, a government-controlled cyborg soldier stalks the group. As winter arrives on the planet, Uly is led to an abandoned human base camp. An earthquake reveals a mineral that can be used as an energy source.
"Better Living Through Morganite"
Part 2
"Grendlers in the Mist" "The Greatest Love Story Never Told" "Brave New Pacifica" "The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King"
Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17
The tormented Yale volunteers to be the sacrifice to the Terrians for the humans' theft of their precious sunstones. A lone Grendler leads the group into unraveling a sinister mystery. Scouting for food across the frozen tundra, Danziger discovers another group of humans who claim a strange connection to Devon. The Eden Advance group discovers a planetary transportation portal that may lead them directly to New Pacifica. Devon receives a dream visit by a 25-year old Uly from 16 years in the future.
"After the Thaw" "Survival of the Fittest" "Flower Child" "All About Eve"  
Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20 Episode 21  
The Eden Advance group discovers an ancient Terrian frozen in the ice. Danziger, Julia, Alonzo, and Morgan resort to desperate measures when they become stranded in the desert. After inhaling the pollen of a mysterious flower, Bess has an unrelenting urge to head north. The group discovers a 50-year old Council ship, with crewmembers in suspended animation.