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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"A Memory Play"
TV episode
Written by: Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett
Directed by: Deborah Reinisch


The colonists discover the final evacuation pod, with most of the occupants dead.


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Notes from the Earth 2 Chronology


Devon indicates it had been 3 weeks since the Eden Advance ship broke up in the planet's atmosphere, suggesting it takes place before "Natural Born Grendlers". Morgan's willingness to attempt to kill a Grendler also suggests taking place before the afore-mentioned episode, in which he makes a connection with one.


Didja Know?


The episode's title "A Memory Play" is a reference to a type of stage play in which the main character in the present recalls for the audience an important incident from his/her past. This ties in to the current story in several ways: Yale's review of his recorded memory about the atmospheric accident with the Eden Advance ship; the vivid memory flashbacks of Les and Alex due to the disease they've contracted; and Morgan's guilt-riddled conscience about taking an evacuation pod for himself and Bess without waiting for others in "First Contact" Part 1".


Julius Carry guest stars as Les Firestein in this episode. He was also known as Lord Bowler on the 1993-94 TV series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.


Didja Notice?


This episode is narrated by Devon. She remarks that it was 3 weeks ago that the Eden Advance ship broke up in the planet's atmosphere.


Alonzo refers to the vehicle normally called the DuneRail as a sand rail.


During the search for the third evacuation pod, Walman appears to be carrying the flare gun, used in an attempt to signal the occupants, and Morgan is carrying some kind of pistol that shoots some kind of red energy blasts. Perhaps this is the handgun mentioned by Magus in "Promises, Promises" and/or the Mag-Pro pistol mentioned as being carried by Devon in Puzzle.


At 10:51 on the DVD, Rockmond Dunbar (as Baines) takes a great spill as he runs and trips over a dead body.


Despite the complaining many of the group members do about Devon thinking/acting like she's in charge all the time, it may be a good thing they have her. While describing the situation that occurred when the third evacuation pod landed, Les informs them that nobody could agree on anything and their group wound up splitting into three or four different groups that went their separate ways.


Alonzo tells Yale that Julia, as medical officer, was the first to be automatically reawakened from cryosleep when the Eden Advance ship reached the G889 system. The novelization of the "First Contact" pilot episode states that, as pilot, Alonzo awoke first, then he set both Julia and Danziger to wake up next.


The infected Danziger remarks to Devon that spirulina is not his idea of a last meal. This may be a reference to Spirulina, a microalga that can be consumed by humans and is high in protein and many other nutrients. Alonzo has spirolina stew for breakfast in Leather Wings. And Uly makes a remark about "that gross spirulina" in "Natural Born Grendlers".


The quarantined Danziger asks Devon to make sure True gets to bed on time, saying, "she's a real monster if she doesn't get her sleep." I can believe it! True's kind of a little monster throughout the series!


Danziger reveals that he's known Les and Alex for a long time and they were friends when True was just a baby.


Julia remarks to Yale that the virus is like none she's ever seen and lists Hanta, filo, and zygotic. Hanta is short for Hantavirus, a group of viruses usually transferred to humans through rodents. Filo is short for filoviridae, a family of viruses that includes the Ebola virus. Zygotic viruses are those that can be transferred from animals to humans.


Danziger remarks to Alex on a time when their troop freighter was going down over the arctic and Alex implies they were in the army together. 


At 27:32 on the DVD, as Julia is scanning the information on Alex's medical chip, the screen shows an entry dated July 8, 2193. But the Eden Project left Earth and went into cryosleep in 2192, awakening 22 years later at G889, so she couldn't have had a medical checkup in 2193! Later, the group learns that shortly before the launch of the ship, an organic microchip was planted in her skull that manipulated her mind into sabotaging the ship when she awoke from cryosleep at G889. Notice the first sentence after the date states "Behavioral modification recommended," an early clue to the revelation of Alex as the saboteur. For continuity's sake, the date could be assumed correct if we change the year to 2192.


At 28:06 on the DVD, the moon (Earth's moon!) is visible in the evening sky. It doesn't look anything like the double moons we've previously seen orbiting G889.


Alex mentions that Danziger once knew a girl named Corrine with strawberry hair who broke his heart.


While trading with the Grendler, Morgan refers to the sunglasses as vera-frames.


Les mentions the sabotage of a parafuse box on the Eden Advance ship, which caused the malfunction in the atmosphere. "Parafuse" seems to be a made up technological term for the story. 


When Julia makes her first secret communication with her contact, notice she says, "I've joined you on the planet," implying she believes her contact is also on the planet somewhere.


Unanswered Questions


Why was the Grendler following Morgan around and no one else? Did the creature have some sort of premonition that the group would need the pharmaceutical properties of its saliva and that Morgan needed something to help make amends for his guilty conscience?


We only see two graves and one unburied corpse from the third pod's group. After the deaths of Les and Alex, that's only five people. Since Les said the occupants of the pod split into three or four groups, each taking their own share of supplies and going separate ways, are some of them still alive, wandering the planet?


Memorable Dialog


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you don't have to "ma'am" her.wav

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she's a real monster if she doesn't get her sleep.wav

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