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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

TV episode
Written by: Carol Flint
Directed by: Joe Napolitano


The colonists run low on water when Grendlers steal the reserves.


Notes from the Earth 2 Chronology


We are not told how long the group has been on the planet in this episode. In the previous episode, "Natural Born Grendlers", it was 4 weeks and in the next televised episode, "Church of Morgan", it is 5 weeks. The novel Puzzle, which does not specify how long the group has been on the planet, I've placed in between this episode and "Church of Morgan" due to the state of Alonzo's healing leg. So that makes the 4th to 5th week on G889 quite a busy one!


Didja Notice?


This episode is narrated by Bess.


Reilly claims that the sabotage of the Eden Advance ship was orchestrated by Blalock, not the council, and that the man has been put out to pasture. Blalock was the government stooge in "First Contact" Part 1 who attempted to stop the colonists from leaving the stations, while pretending to assist them with getting the paperwork and procedures through the proper channels.


At 5:38 on the DVD, notice that Danziger's pack, though made of fabric, appears to have a numerical keypad on it, presumably part of a locking mechanism with a key-code combination. It also appears to have a solar panel on it.


During their trek to find water in the DuneRail, Devon volunteers to drive for a while if Danziger wants a rest. Danziger seems skeptical of her driving abilities when she confirms her driving experience is just with voice-activated taxis on the stations. But at this point, more than four weeks after the crash, you'd think she'd already have taken some turns driving one or more of the group's three vehicles!


At 8:02 on the DVD, a number of the production crew can be seen in the reflection of Devon's sunglasses.


Notice at 7:55 on the DVD that Danziger appears to have a pistol tucked under his belt. He later uses it to return fire against the Terrians.


At 10:50 on the DVD, notice that, as the two Terrians erupt from the hillside, the foreground Terrian has a bent staff! The prop must have gotten bent during the eruption through the dirt and rock because it appears straight in a quick glimpse before this and is straight again afterward.


Danziger resents what he perceives as Devon pigeon-holing him as a third-generation indentured stiff. But he acts with his own preconceptions about Devon, i.e. that she's essentially a rich, spoiled, princess.


Danziger refers to the Adair corporation back at the stations as a multi-orbit firm. This may be analogous to modern day multinational firms, but with space stations at different orbital locations around Earth or the Sol system.


When Danziger chides Devon for her "tough life" as a rich kid, Devon concedes that it doesn't compare to life in the Quadrant (the word is capitalized in the subtitles on the DVD). I'm not sure what she means by "Quadrant".


Danziger reveals that indentured servitude exists on the stations. Many workers on the stations are stuck working to pay off the cost of their grandparents' passage from Earth to the stations generations ago. He tells Devon he plans to have his family debt paid off completely with his work so that True won't grow up to be another drone. Devon informs him that she issued payment to her crew on departure, so back on the stations he is already debt free.


Devon's reaction to the word "drone" suggests it is considered a derogatory term on the stations, used to put down the worker classes.


When Danziger and Devon run back to the DuneRail after their argument about what course of action to take, notice that the vehicle seems to start up without Danziger saying, "Vehicle start," as he did before. Devon also later starts the vehicle without speaking the command.


Devon remarks that the roots that are holding her and Danziger captive for the Terrians feel stronger than biocord. Biocord appears to be a fictional item used in the Earth 2 universe.


At 24:49 on the DVD, notice that, in the background, Alonzo walks briskly up to the opening of Julia's tent. But, both immediately before and after, he is seen walking gingerly and cautiously on his newly-healed leg.


After Alonzo and Julia kiss in her tent, Bess suddenly walks in and says, "Did I just see what I thought I saw?" For just a second, the viewer is fooled into thinking she is referring to the kiss, but then she states she saw him walking without crutches outside.


Notice that the size of the rock Danziger ties to the canteen to submerge it changes in size from 29:27 on the DVD to 29:30.


After collapsing from dehydration, and despite his earlier protestations, Danziger admits to Devon he wants True to grow up confident and optimistic like her.


When Devon turns the DuneRail's headlights on at 36:40 on the DVD, it's obvious that an external production light is also turned on to illuminate actress Debrah Farentino and the vehicle.


After their kiss in the afternoon, that night Julia tells Alonzo, "I've got more important things to think about than us." This is a reference (unknown to Alonzo) to her clandestine spying activities and reportings to Reilly. 


Notice that there is a bit of a parallel story in the Alonzo/Julia and Danziger/Devon plots of this episode. They both, one obviously and one subtly, are about the attractions between the male/female pairs.


Unanswered Questions


Do all Terrian tribes receive the power for their staffs from an "electrified" body of water, as the ones seen here do?


Memorable Dialog


respond immediately.wav

I don't scream.wav

confident and optimistic.wav

I rely on you to be skeptical enough for all of us.wav

I checked around.wav

don't ask my advice.wav

indentured stiff.wav

we knew we were drones.wav

you still act like the boss.wav

the nastier you get, the more I like you.wav

that's not it.wav

did you steal the water?.wav

Miss Adair's orders.wav

signs of dehydration.wav

I get thirsty just looking at him.wav

more important things.wav

who's gonna protect these women?.wav 


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