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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"The Enemy Within"
TV episode
Written by: Eric Estrin and Michael Berlin
Directed by: John Harrison


Julia injects herself with Uly's altered DNA in order to spare him from the Council.


Read the full summary of "The Enemy Within" at the Making of Timelines Yahoo Group


Didja Notice?


Julia narrates most of this episode and her narration even plays over the "Previously on Earth 2" segment at the very beginning of the episode, explaining her torn loyalties between the Eden Advance group and her promises to the Council. No other episode of the series has the narration written in that way. The end of the episode also has narration from Devon, since Julia has been exiled at that point.


Uly's VR fantasy features him as the sheriff of a town in the American old west. Apparently the town is Union City since the bank bears that name. This may be an interpretation of Union City, Oklahoma since the town is depicted with a similar desert-like terrain and because Sheriff Uly says to the lead bank robber, "You and your brother picked the wrong town to rob, Jesse," a reference to the real life outlaws of the old west, Jesse and Frank James (confirmed in the closing credits), who operated in that area, centered in Missouri.


Uly's western costume seems to be based partly on that of the Man With No Name played by Clint Eastwood in three spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Leone in the 1960s.


Uly's dialog with True indicates that they had previously played Robin Hood together, with True as the famous bandit.


This episodes suggests that the VR gear is capable of letting the participants imagine they are walking around inside the fantasy scenario even when the actual people are seated and mostly immobile, as Uly and True are seen sitting on the back of the TransRover here. It makes the VR dance sequence at the end of "Church of Morgan" a bit odd though, if it's not really necessary for the participant to move around to experience same in the virtual reality scenario.


Julia's narration reveals it has been 49 days since arriving on G889.


In his report, Morgan reveals that John Danziger's middle initial is H.


Julia mentions to Reilly that Uly is only 8 years old, as also stated in "First Contact" Part 1.


As the camera pans through the camp, at 13:55 on the DVD a device set up within the grounds suddenly activates an elevating tube from its top without any apparent external stimulus. What is it?


At 15:07 on the DVD, Uly is playing with the ribbons on the same walking stick he was seen carrying in "The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)".


During his conversation with Julia, Uly claims that the Terrians take him to other planets in his dreams. It's unclear whether this is true or just Uly's active imagination.


Julia isolates DNA from Uly's spinal fluid for her experiment after secretly drawing the spinal fluid from him. Later, the puncture wound in his back hurts Uly just a bit and Devon notices the needle mark on his back. Uly recently underwent another spinal fluid withdrawal by Julia in "Church of Morgan" with his mother's permission, only 11 days earlier, explaining how she recognized it and why she immediately confronted Julia about it.


Danziger tells a scary story around the campfire to the group, aimed largely at True and Uly, about a spaceship he and his crew once found filled with dead, frozen-solid crewmembers missing some of their limbs. It's not clear whether this is a true story of his past or just a "traditional" campfire ghost story to scare kids.


As Julia awakens and glances around her tent near the end of the episode, an immediate indication that she has been abandoned by the group is that the medical equipment and cases are no longer there. Only a few survival items have been left next to her bed.


At the end of the episode, Devon mentions that it is 3100 miles more to New Pacifica. Again, the distance figures to the new colony keep fluctuating from episode-to-episode. In the previous episode ("Church of Morgan"), only 11 days earlier, they were supposedly 4,722 miles away!


In her closing narration, Devon remarks that, for the first time, the group is travelling with one less member. This is not true, as Commander O'Neill was killed in "The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)".


Yale tries to console Devon that the decision to leave Julia behind was the right one by mentioning that she experimented on Uly and tried to kill Devon herself. Neither argument is entirely true, though an argument could be made that she did experiment on Uly. But, she did not really try to kill Devon; Devon's fall from the cliff in VR was clearly an accident during their struggle, not an attempted murder. 


Unanswered Questions


Why was Bess so quick to believe True's statement about Julia engaging in VR communication with someone outside the group when no one else, even the girl's own father, did? Just because Morgan was missing? That's not really much of a reason to suspect Julia of any wrongdoing.


Memorable Dialog


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