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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King"
TV episode
Written by: Heather MacGillvray and Linda Mathious
Directed by: Jim Charleston


Devon receives a dream visit by a 25-year old Uly from 16 years in the future.


Read the full summary at the Making of Timelines Yahoo Group


Didja Know?


The title of this episode is a reference to the 1888 novella by Rudyard Kipling, "The Man Who Would Be King".


This episode was aired directly after "After the Thaw", but takes place before it, as evidenced by Uly's statement that it is the group's 104th day on the planet ("After the Thaw" was the 109th). 


In this episode we get a look at the future of G889 and also of Uly and True as adults.


Didja Notice?


At 2:30 on the DVD, we can see that the 25-year-old Ulysses wears ragged armbands with symbols on them. Are they Terrian symbols?


This episode is narrated by Uly. He states that it is the 104th day Eden Advance has been on the planet.


Uly reveals that day 105 will be his birthday, according to the station calendar.


Uly states that, on the station calendar, it's exactly 364 days since he turned eight. But that's not really true since he spent 22 years in suspended animation on the trip from the Earth stations to G889. So, it's more like 8,035 days! That also means that, while he may have the physical and mental maturity of a 9-year-old, he's actually 31!


At 5:07 on the DVD, notice that there is a tear in the tent in the background. This must be how the little koba got inside.


At 7:11 on the DVD, we're told that the future scenes are 16 years later, making the elder Uly 25-years old.


Future-Uly reveals that there is a National Lands Treaty with the Terrians at that time. This sounds similar to the various reservations given to Native American tribes in the United States beginning with the Indian Appropriations Act in 1851.


Max tells Uly that he's drafted a new treaty which entitles the human settlement to 10,000 more hectares and rights to the upper Morgan River. Presumably, this river is named after Morgan Martin. In Leather Wings, he names (unofficially) Martin Canyon and Martin River, with plans to someday form the Martin Mining Company in the area.


At 9:27 on the DVD, we can see that future Devon wears a large pin on her lapel that appears to be a representation of G889 and its two moons.


During her conversation with future-Uly, future-Devon implies that other humans besides Uly have been healed of the Syndrome by the Terrians and that those humans seem to have more loyalty to the Terrians than to their fellow humans.


Future-Devon tells future-Uly that a surgeon is prepping to perform a chroma-alt on him. This will rid him of the Terrian portions of his DNA. "Chroma-alt" must be a shorthand term for "chromosome alteration".


In Devon's dream communication, future-Uly refers to the room he and his mother shared at the bio-dome as a Quonset hut. Quonset huts were introduced by the U.S. Navy during WWII as a lightweight, easy to ship and assemble building for housing offices, barracks, latrines, and medical facilities. Surplus huts were also sold throughout the U.S. after the war and can still be seen in many parts of the country.


At 16:27 on the DVD, notice that future-Uly, while in the dream plane, is posed in the same squatting position, palms on the ground, frequently used by the Terrians.


In the shot at 31:15, as little Uly and Devon sled down the hillside, it does not look like young actor Joey Zimmerman (who plays Uly) on the sled; it must have been a stuntman or other stand-in.


In the scene beginning at 41:37 on the DVD, we see a couple other humans who seem to be part of the Terrian tribe, presumably former Syndrome children who were healed by them.


Near the end of the episode, we see that the future True is able to understand Terrian speech.


Also near the end of the episode, the future Devon seems to be getting a faint memory of the sledding excursion she took with Uly when he was a boy when they hid a sample of his DNA in the cave. This suggests a time ripple is occurring due to the slight change made by the events inspired by future-Uly's dreaming into the past. 


Unanswered Questions


Will the timeline of G889 continue on the same path we saw in the 16-years-later scenes?


Memorable Dialog


fearless leader of the rebel Terrians.wav

tomorrow's my birthday.wav

old enough.wav

rights to the upper Morgan River.wav

my mother has no influence over me.wav

a special occasion.wav

you're sitting on it.wav

will you never learn?.wav

I told you.wav

I thought you didn't work for Devon anymore.wav

growing up isn't such a good thing.wav

a funny thing about grown-ups.wav


Uly's trilling.wav

a mother never forgets.wav

I think they're going to grow up to be very good friends.wav

more important things.wav 


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