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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

TV episode
Written by: Arthur Sellers
Directed by: Joe Ann Fogle


Racked by guilt, Alonzo goes back to where the group abandoned Julia; meanwhile, a government-controlled cyborg soldier stalks the group.


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Didja Notice?


This episode is narrated by Devon. She states that it is the group's 51st day on the planet.


Bess seems to have become somewhat of a nanny figure to the two children in the group. As the group watches Alonzo approach in the ATV with Julia at 8:26 on the DVD, notice that she, not Devon, is holding Uly's hand. And a few seconds later, she places her free hand comfortingly on True's shoulder. Later, she is the one comforting the children after Yale is shot by the Z.E.D. and is being operated on by Julia.


At 9:58 on the DVD, it can be seen that the word "Zero" is printed on Zero's chest.



After Yale is shot by the Z.E.D. and Julia runs to examine him, she asks for her diagnostic glove, referring to it as a "diaglove".


The idea that the worm bullet, primed to later explode, would start to beep as it approached its detonation time is an old Hollywood trope when it comes to bombs. Realistically, there would be no beeping, as that would just warn anyone near the target of the impending detonation.


The CGI effect of the explosions of the worm bullets used in this episode are pretty cheesy looking, but the graphics technology wasn't as sophisticated and affordable then as it is now.


Reilly remarks that worm bullets are 20-year old technology. He's probably using an approximate term, especially considering Julia knows of the existence of worm bullets, yet she was in hibernation for the past 22 years on the trip to G889. Worm bullets must have come into production shortly before she left on the Eden Advance mission. It would also seem to suggest that the Z.E.D. who is using them in the episode was sent to G889 only a short time before the Eden group. But shortly after this, Yale reveals that the acronym Z.E.D. stands for Zero Emotional Defects and that it was a secret offshoot of the Yale program used in the mining province uprisings on Earth in late 2180 and implying that they used worm bullets even then to quell the uprising. This was 12 years before the Eden colony ship left the space stations, so there shouldn't have been any worm bullets to use. Possibly, the Z.E.D.s were given prototype ammunition years before it was officially announced. The military uses (secret) advanced technology in this manner even today.


As Danziger approaches the Z.E.D.'s camp site at 23:21 on the DVD, there appears to be a jet contrail in the sky behind him.


The musical queue that is played as the Z.E.D. is first seen has percussive notes similar to the Terminator theme in the Terminator movies. The Z.E.D.s are somewhat similar in concept.


The Z.E.D. has one blue and one green eye. Presumably one of the eyes (probably the green) is artificial and has cybernetic enhancements.


At 29:21 on the DVD, it looks like the fingernails on the Z.E.D.'s left hand are made of metal, but the ones on his right are normal.


Julia reveals that the Council is testing five planets for resettlement. G889 is the most promising of the five. But "First Contact" Part 1 states that G889 is the only habitable planet so far found. It could be that the other four planets mentioned here would require some terraforming, thus are not fully habitable at this time. It could also be that the Council has simply kept the discoveries of other habitable worlds hidden from the public and that, for whatever reason, they were not able to keep G889 hidden.


Julia tells the Z.E.D. that her ID number as an appointee of the Council is D04917.


At 39:21 on the DVD, notice that Devon barely has any blood on her right hand, even though she just had it inside Danziger's abdomen during the surgery to remove the worm bullet. 


Julia refers to the drug that's been given to the Z.E.D. as a sedi-derm. This does not appear to be an actual drug or medical term, but the word is likely a portmanteau of "sedative" and "dermal", meaning a tranquilizer delivered through the skin, via the injector Julia has been seen to use which is similar to the hypospray used in Star Trek. The term "sedi-derm" was used previously in the novelization of "First Contact" Part 2  and is referred to again in "After the Thaw".


Unanswered Questions


Did Julia suffer any long-term effects from the injections of Uly's DNA she was taking previously in "The Enemy Within"? There were plenty of short-term effects in that episode, but now she seems back to normal. No mention of it is made in this or any following episodes.


Memorable Dialog


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