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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Better Living Through Morganite" Part 2
TV episode
Written by: P.K. Simonds
Directed by: Frank De Palma


The tormented Yale volunteers to be the sacrifice to the Terrians for the humans' theft of their precious sunstones.


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Didja Notice?


This episode is narrated by Morgan. He remarks it is now day 68 on the planet.


Yale's identification number is seen fairly clearly for the first time at 0:48 on the DVD, 61162.


Morgan's opening narrative of the episode also serves as the "Previously on Earth 2..." segment.


Alonzo learns that the Terrians refer to the planet as their mother.


In this episode, Mary returns as an envoy between the humans and Terrians. She previously appeared in "Moon Cross". She is still wearing the Roanoke jacket she received from the group.


In this episode, it seems that Mary was able to temporarily blind Morgan and Bess with a flash from her Terrian staff.


Despite being petrified by the geo-lock, the small tree Danziger brushes against at 9:51 on the DVD appears to be pretty flexible!


At 22:18 on the DVD, there are some strange symbols on the digital display of the geo-lock as Morgan attempts to gradually break the shutoff code.


At 40:23 on the DVD, you can see that Yale's prosthetic forearm is actually just a prop pulled over actor Sullivan Walker's arm.


Yale learns that his real name is Braden Croy and that he did not have a criminal past. The government on the stations placed him in the Yale program because he was a soldier who had refused to kill the civilian scientists the government was pursuing.


Memorable Dialog


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